10 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling (1-5)

“The market is hot, housing inventory is low, and buyers are purchasing houses before they even hit the market.”  You’ve heard this on the news, from your friends, even from your trusted real estate agent. So you decide to list your home, expecting it to sell by the time you wake up the next morning. Fast forward five months and your property still has a “For Sale” sign out front.  Uh Oh!

Here are the top five reasons your home is still hasn’t sold. To see reasons 10 through 6, click HERE.

  1.  Your Home is Dirty

Even if you think your home is spotless, it isn’t. Before showing your home to others, have your carpets and floors professionally cleaned, clean all of your windows, and dust all of those forgotten areas (trim, ceiling fans, tops of cabinets, etc.).  That way the only dirt your buyers will find is on the bottom of their shoes.


  1. Too Much Clutter

Whether it is too much furniture in a room or closets that are jammed packed with items, too much stuff in your home will make it feel small and inaccessible.  Store your extra items and furniture off site so that your home feels open and spacious.


  1. Too Many Personal Items

Buyers want to be able to imagine themselves living in your home; however, that is difficult when all of your personal items, such as family pictures, are still out for the world to see.  Store those treasured memories for your new home so your potential buyers can envision their personal items in their new home.


  1. Personalized Home Improvements

That 900 gallon, in-wall aquarium you installed looks awesome…nay, it is awesome! The dinosaur mural you painted in your child’s bedroom is worthy of an art gallery.  However, that doesn’t mean someone looking at your home wants those features. Many times the improvements we make to our homes for our benefit end up hurting the resale potential.  Paint those wall murals a neutral color and remove your aquariums before listing your home.


  1. Too Many Repairs Needed on Your Home

This one is simple; the more work needed on your home, the less likely someone is to be interested in purchasing it.  Even if the repairs are simple, people aren’t looking for a project home for the price you are asking.


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