10 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

“The market is hot, housing inventory is low, and buyers are purchasing houses before they even hit the market.”  You’ve heard this on the news, from your friends, even from your trusted real estate agent. So you decide to list your home, expecting it to sell by the time you wake up the next morning. Fast forward five months and your property still has a “For Sale” sign out front.  Uh Oh! Here are the top ten reasons your home is still hasn’t sold.

  1. You Overvalued Your Home

You can ask anything you want for your home, that is your right; however, it takes two to tango and if there isn’t a buyer willing to pay what you want then you are going to retain ownership of your home for a while.  Always ask your agent for a market analysis to determine what your home should reasonably sell for.

  1. You’re Always Present at Showings

Let’s be frank here, nobody wants the seller present when they are looking at the house. Your presence will make the buyers feel rushed and uncomfortable.  You may have the best intentions, “I just want to tell them about the craftsmanship of these built-ins” or I have to let them know about all of the updates we’ve done to the house,” but doing so will only hurt your chances of selling. Let your agent and the buyer’s agent do the work for you.


  1. Your Listing is Poor

If the description of your home is poorly written or the photos of your home are blurry or framed incorrectly, buyers will typically skip over your listing.  Make sure your Realtor is presenting your home in the best light.


  1. You’re Too Attached to Your Home

Ask yourself this question, “would I be willing to accept an offer that is 2% less than the asking price?” If the answer is flat out “no” then you may be too attached to your home. Perhaps you don’t really want to sell or you have too many familial memories attached to the house.  These are all things to consider before listing your property.


  1. House Isn’t Staged Correctly

If you are still living in your home, arrange the furniture so it makes everything seem open.  Even if that means setting it up in an inconvenient layout for you. If you have already moved out, paying for a professional  to stage your home will help your clients get a better sense of the space available and will help them feel more at home.


Check back next week for the remaining 5 reasons your home isn’t selling.


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