5 Reasons Not To Be Home When Your Home is Being Shown

A homeowner knows their home best, right? Shouldn’t you be around when someone shows your home to a prospective buyer? Logically, you’d think that would be true; however, there are several reasons your presence during a showing can harm your chances of getting an offer, or, even worse, leave you in legal limbo.

#1.  Buyers Need Space to Think

Being at home during a showing doesn’t give the potential buyers the chance to freely explore your home. Even if you aren’t physically obstructing their tour, your mere presence will likely give the buyers a hurried feeling. Leaving them with their agent allows the buyers to freely explore your home and envision themselves living there.


#2. Agents Need to Freely Communicate With Their Clients

A buyer’s agent knows what their clients want, need, and what their budget is. Often, they are the ones to point out issues with the home or the ones to put their clients straight when their demands exceed reality. The ability of the agent to speak freely to their clients without the risk of being overheard is paramount. Let the agent sell their clients on the home.


#3. Agent’s Legal Duties

A buyer’s agent has something called a fiduciary responsibility towards their client. This means that they probably have information about their client that they are not permitted to disclose (i.e. max budget, reason for moving, etc.). Legally, if the seller is home, the agent can’t risk breaching this confidentiality by speaking openly with their clients about their wants and needs. This could very well cost you an offer in the end.


#4. Self-Inflicted Wounds

Sometimes a seller can be their own worst enemy. If you are present during a showing you might accidentally divulge information that could hurt your chances of making a sale. Are your neighbors annoying? Do you have to move due to a recent financial situation? These two things could hurt your bottom line in the end. But let’s go further. What if you mistakenly tell the buyer that your property goes all the way to the woods, when your property only goes half as far? This opens you up to legal liabilities later.


#5. Your Presence Stifles Excitement

A buyer comes to your home, tours it, and really wants to buy it. Awesome! Here’s the issue if you, the seller, are around: Your presence stifles the excitement of the buyer. They may be excited to buy your home, but they don’t want you to know that. After all, purchasing a home is a negotiation and the buyer may not show emotion so that you don’t know they are interested. By not showing emotion, they are subconsciously suppressing the excitement they are feeling and may not get swept up in the moment when making an offer. As a seller, you want the buyer to be excited and to make a good offer.


While you know your home best, do yourself a favor, trust your local Realtor to market, negotiate, and sell your home. Your bank account will thank you later.

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