Make Your Home New This New Year: part 2

Simple Second Steps

Now that you’ve attended to the little things, time to work on some bigger items that won’t take much work at all but will make your home feel brand new again.

Change furnace air filters:

Forced-air furnaces all have a filter system to remove particulates and dust from being re-circulated.  If you haven’t changed your furnace filter in a while (or ever…) now is the time to do so. It is easy to do and will keep your furnace running at peak efficiency and you breathing fresh air.  

Clean out the refrigerator, pantry, and freezer:

While your refrigerator seems clean, it probably isn’t.  Bacteria from food packaging and spilled foods will grow in your fridge, creating an unhealthy environment to store your food.  Take the shelves and food out and clean the inside thoroughly. After you’ve finished that, do the same with your freezer and pantry shelves.  Lastly, re-organize your shelves and get rid of expired foods.


Rotate and clean ceiling fans:

Wipe down your ceiling fan blades and housing to remove dust that has built up (hint: it builds up whether you use the fan or not).  In the winter, your fan should rotate clockwise to push warm air down; counterclockwise in the summer.


Have a Fireplace?

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, have it professionally cleaned.  Removal of Creosote will allow the flu to work correctly and reduce the risk of blockages and chimney fires.

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