Make Your Home New This New Year: part 3

Outside Matters

When spring comes…eventually, don’t forget to take care of the outside of your home.  Doing so will prevent the outside from working its way indoors.   Did you miss part 1 and part 2 of our Make Your Home New This New Year series?

Check and repair weather stripping:

Around your doors and windows is a thin barrier that helps to keep rain, wind, bugs, and other stuff out of your home.  Check to make sure it hasn’t deteriorated and replace as necessary.

Clean out dead/dying plants:

Don’t wait for the full bloom of summer to clean out your flower beds.  Get rid of dead plants and beautify your yard so you can enjoy it all season long.


Clean Gutters:

We get it, no one likes to clean the gutters; however, doing so prevents gutter flooding, improper drainage, and protects your home from Earth’s most damaging force: water.


Repair/Replace damaged window screens:

Do this now.  Don’t wait for the first 60 degree day only to find your screens were damaged during a winter storm. Keeping your screens in tip-top shape also increases the curb appeal of your home.  


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