Make Your Home New This New Year: part 1

Little Things Make a Big Difference

New Year’s resolutions were so last month. However, retro is trendy (just like that 70’s velvet green couch) and now is the time to resolve to do the little things to make your home feel and/or stay new. Below is Todd Realty’s breakdown on how to keep your home looking and feeling new. 

Clean your faucets:

“Our bathroom is spotless, what else is there to clean?”  If your bathroom truly is spotless (doubtful) then there is one little thought of place debris is building up: your faucets.  Specifically, the little metal or plastic screen that is used to block the passage of grit and particles. Rnise these out and you might be surprised as to how much better your faucet performs.

Vacuum and dust your fridge:

Most people buy a fridge, it gets installed, and it doesn’t move until it dies. However, there is plenty of dust that builds up on top of the fridge and on the coils.  Pull your fridge out and vacuum the coils to prolong the life of your appliance, and to improve its energy efficiency.


Vacuum and flip your mattress:

Yes, Virginia, you can vacuum your mattress.  Why would you want to vacuum your mattress? Because dead skin cells, hair, and other things you wouldn’t want to place your face on work their way into your mattress over time.  Suck em’ out and sleep better. Don’t forget to flip and rotate your mattress as well (unless you have a pillow-top, then skip the flipping part).


Clean HVAC vents and registers:

Over time, dust and dirt will build up in and on your home’s hvac vents and registers.  Clean these by wiping down vent covers and vacuuming out the registers.


Clothes dryer maintenance:

Without proper washer/dryer maintenance you’ll likely find yourself in the situation above.  Clean out your lint filter by thoroughly vacuuming it.  Accumulated lint is a fire hazard and it prevents your dryer from working at maximum efficiency.  Clean out the vent from the outside of the home to the dryer itself.


Check/replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors:

Avoid the persistent beeping of a smoke detector with a dying battery and protect your family at the same time.  


Check back next week for part 2 of 3 in this series. 


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