Three Steps to Ready Your Home for Sale

Are you looking to win over potential buyers and sell your home? Follow these three simple steps to get your home show-ready.

1. Clean up and De-clutter

The place to start is the most obvious, cleaning up.  Whether your home is spic and span or in dire need of some serious spring cleaning, the importance of cleaning and de-cluttering can not be overstated.

  • Before you start the cleaning process, now is the time to de-clutter.  Go through your closets, basement, garage, and all those nooks and crannies and find those items that are unwanted or unneeded.  Donate them to a charity, or find a recycler who will pick up some large objects. Your goal is to give yourself a de-cluttered home in which to clean.
  • Next, you’ll need to deep clean your house.  Start with the dirtiest rooms, the kitchens and bathrooms, then move on to the lesser used rooms.  Don’t forget to clean along the baseboards and dust those hard to reach areas. Finally, don’t forget to clean your windows to give your home that fresh look.
  • Lastly,  organize your closets and cupboards.  A neat and tidy closet or cabinet, that isn’t bursting at the seams with items, indicates to a potential buyer that you’ve taken care of your home and that it has plenty of storage space.  Overflowing closets give the opposite impression.


2. Repair what you can

The following repairs should be made prior to showing your home.  Want the good news? You can do most of these yourself.

  • Re-caulk around showers, tubs, and sinks.
  • Replace burned out light bulbs
  • Fix running toilets or leaking faucets
  • Repair torn window screens.  Replace any that are missing.
  • Clean and repair grout
  • Repair and repaint walls.  Pick a neutral color that will make a room feel larger.

3. Curb Appeal

A bad first impression can doom a sale before it ever has a chance.  Some buyers won’t even get out of their car if your home doesn’t look good from the outside.  Take care of these things and wow your buyers into making good offers.

  • Repair and clean concrete areas.  Remove any oil or grease stains and make sure to remove any growth emanating from cracks.
  • Trim up your trees, bushes, and shrubs so that they are appealing to the eye and not touching any parts of your home.
  • Add river rocks, mulch, or pea gravel to appropriate areas for an immediate visual upgrade.

  • Add some finishing touches of color with annual plants that will bloom all season long and keep your lawn neat and trim.  

Follow this advice and your home will be sold in no time.

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